Amour (Love) ie (Infinite Energy)


Amourie is a collaboration team. Rodney and Susan met online within a Songwriter Forum. They began to share music and found their sound to marry well. They have never met in person and create entirely online from their home studios.  This team is built upon the muse of each other's musical release. The music they create has a resemblance to the sounds of the Cranberries, Portishead, Morcheeba and Mazzy Star. Amourie's music has a rock/pop alternative feel.

Amourie is a name built upon the concept of

Amour (love)

ie (infinite energy)



Susan Harman

Vocalist, Lyricist

I began my journey into creating music in 2015. I fell in love with adding freestyle lyrics and melodies to tracks upon listening to them for the first time. Letting the music channel what came to me.

Finding the passion in writing lyrics and singing them, led me to learn guitar and learn more about songwriting. There are songs everywhere to be found.

My musical influences are Nina Simone Counting Crows,  Fiona Apple, Portishead, Missy Elliot and Sheryl Crow.

Rodney Ziebell

Composer, Guitarist, Multi Instrumentalist

I got my first guitar in 1985 right before my 15th birthday. It is a Yamaha nylon string. I took guitar lessons for 6 months and then I got my first electric guitar and amplifier and started playing hard rock music. I played lots of backyard/house parties. 

As time went on, I started playing clubs in the San Fernando valley and eventually the clubs in Hollywood. 

I was raised listening to James Taylor, Jim Croce, Elvis Presley, Linda Ronstadt, Marianne Faithful, Joan Baez, Carly Simon and the Carpenters. 

Randy Rhoads (Ozzy's guitar player) was my primary influence in learning guitar. That started my journey in to rock n roll. 

My favorite bands are Guns n Roses and Pink Floyd. 

I've played in Violent Playground, Broken Toyz and Tempting Fate to name a few. 

I play guitar, bass, synthesizer/keyboard/piano and ukulele. 

My style is a combination of rock, folk, fingerstyle and electronica.